In 2015, JCC Krakow launched the Satellite RFTL program across the North America. We invite supporters abroad to participate in the Ride through dedicated spin classes and outdoor bike rides in their own neighborhoods.


Since the launch of the Satellite RFTL program in 2015, several JCCs and Jewish Federations as well as individual friends of JCC Krakow in the U.S. and Canada have hosted over 40 satellite RFTL events, sharing our message with hundreds of Riders across North America. The distinguished Slingshot Guide has named RFTL and Satellite RFTL program among the most inspiring and innovative Jewish initiatives of 2018.

You can organize a satellite RFTL event in your community, too! Get your synagogue, JCC, or local Jewish Federation involved or just bring together a group of friends to cycle for a meaningful cause. JCC Krakow will fully support you along the way: we provide all the necessary educational materials as well as signature RFTL jerseys for your team.

How to host a Satellite Ride For The Living Event:

  • Section off the stationary bikes in your fitness center and open up the bikes to your entire community, so they can ride with Krakow’s Jewish community. Challenge individual members or teams of members to reach 60 miles collectively throughout the day.  

  • If your fitness center offers dedicated spin/cycling classes, consider designating a special class that will reach a collective 60 miles.

  • If you have an avid cycling community, organize your own 60-mile ride in your city. We can send you shirts or jerseys for the team.

To find out more about how to engage your community in a satellite event, please contact



Our Ride For The Living event, inspired by the JCC in Krakow, was a very inspirational and emotional success. Because we feel the need to educate, pay respect to the survivors, and keep the story of the Shoah alive for it not to happen again, we prepared a special spinning two-hour ride that was accompanied by images of the Krakow survivors arriving in Israel, images of the JCC activities for them, and various takes on the participants. We filled the gap of the distance and time with our common objective of paying respect for those who endured the most horrible times of our history.

— Dany Weil, Health & Wellness Director, Michael-Ann Russell JCC, Miami