& Regulations



*rules are subject to change for 2020 Ride For The Living

§1 Purpose of the event

  • Commemorating the Holocaust and Jewish history in Poland while supporting the Jewish community in Krakow.

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle, active leisure, tourism and recreation.

  • Promotion of Poland as a travel destination.

§2 Organizer

Jewish Community Centre

ul. Miodowa 24

31-055 Krakow

tel. +48 370 57 80

Agnieszka Gis, Ride For The Living Coordinator (mob. 00 48 506 161 437)

Sebastian Rudol, Deputy Director, Chief Development Officer (mob. 00 48 602 756 932)

Route Management:

Pace car and technical cars with staff members, Ride marshals on bikes in distinctive jerseys.

§3 Time and Place

Ride For The Living will be held on June 28, 2019. The meeting place will be parking lot in front of the Birkenau gate in Brzezinka, Poland.

§4 Rules of participation

  • Every participant is obligated to read and sign the rules before the Ride.

  • Every participant needs to fill out registration form and pay the registration fee prior to beginning of the event.

  • All participants must follow the rules of the Ride and adhere to the decisions and instructions of Ride coordinators, traffic controllers, and Ride marshals (ride marshals are trained cyclists, who know the route and are available to help on the day).

  • The Ride marshals, appointed by the organizer, will wear distinctive jerseys. They will be able to assist participants during the Ride. All participants must adhere to the instructions given by coordinators and marshals, including requests to discontinue participation.

  • The Ride is led by a pace car, followed by a lead Ride marshal. Participants must stay behind lead vehicle and marshal at all times. The Ride is closed by the Ride marshal and an ambulance and it is forbidden for riders to be behind them at all times of the ride.  

  • In the initial and final stages of the Ride (in the cities of Oswiecim and Krakow), participants will be guided by police. While accompanied by the police, all participants will ride in groups of up to 20 people as indicated by the Ride marshals.

  • The Ride will take place on public roads with some assistance of the police. All Participants must exercise extreme caution and know the rules of the road. Participants are held to the same standards as drivers of other moving vehicles and there will be cars and other vehicles present on the route.

  • It’s important to ride according to the traffic rules at all times. While riding in a group, the distance between bikes should be 3-5 m.

  • It is important to ride in a single column. While riding, participants must keep to the right side of the road. Passing is only allowed from the left side.

  • Each Participant is obligated to ride at a steady pace in a cautious, calm manner, keeping in mind the speed of others around them and paying attention to the surroundings.

  • Due to the recreational nature of the Ride, athletic competition on the Ride route is forbidden. The Ride is open to all cycling enthusiasts, regardless of their biking skills.

  • While riding, participants cannot spontaneously dismount their bikes or race and or overtake other participants. Every maneuver on the road should be signaled and performed carefully.

  • Participants cannot block the road by stopping. Stops will be organized outside of the roadway in parking areas or on land adjacent to the route.

  • Helmets and Ride jerseys provided by the Organizer are obligatory.

  • Participants over 15 years old and under 18 are required to have written consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate in the Ride. Children and teenagers under the age of 15 years old may take part in the Ride only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

  • On the route it is forbidden to: consume alcohol and other controlled substances, litter on the route and surrounding areas, damage natural surroundings, ride independently of the group, deviate from the route of the Ride without the organizer’s consent, and use headphones or other devices that limit hearing.

  • The Ride will take place regardless of the weather, except for the situation when the area of the race is declared the state of natural disaster as well as "Force majeure". In case of extreme conditions that are a risk of safety for the participants, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event and the registration fee is non-refundable.

  • For Participants who are unable to continue biking, the organizer will provide a bus and technical car to store the bike.

  • The organizer will not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the race course caused by and/ or being the fault of Participants.

  • The organizer is responsible for providing bikes for all Participants and ensuring necessary medical or bike maintenance during the Ride and personal insurance for Ride Participants.

  • The organizer is responsible for marking the route with Ride For The Living direction signs and provides all Participants with Google Maps link to the detailed map of the route.

  • Technical vehicles approved by the organizer to assist the Ride are required to use specially designed stickers provided by the organizer.

  • The registration form needs to be filled out and the registration fee needs to be paid in full by June 1st 2019. Registration fee is refundable by March 15th 2019. After that date, organizer will not refund the fee for participants who did not finish the ride or did not participate in it. The fee is non-transferable to third parties.

§5 Final provisions:

  • By participating in the Ride, all participants agree to the publication of their image in Ride coverage published in the media and Organizer’s promotional materials.

  • The final interpretation of this regulation form belongs to the organizer. Should there be any contractual dispute, the organizer’s decision is final. Unfamiliarity with the regulation form does not relieve Participants from adherence to it.